Mushroom Growing Chambers

We provide full Project Consultancy in setup of a Mushroom Farm. In full Project Consultation we provide below services to our customer which is required in setup of a new project: Project Report - It include all information regarding your project investment (Construction cost, Machinery cost, Labor cost, Electricity cost etc.) and yearly profit which you gain from your project. Financial Project Report- If you are doing a project with Bank Loan, this Project report include every financial details and ledger asked by the bank before passing your loan as well as this report also help you to get subsidy from Horticulture Department. Project Drawings- We provide you all AutoCAD drawings regarding your project map & drainage It will help you to do civil construction in a better way. Civil Construction- We will guide you during civil construction as per the drawings prepared by our civil engineer. In this process our team will give you visit to your site to guide your all civil construction. Shed Construction- We provide fully fabricated Our skilled labor will do your shed work according to the AutoCAD drawings given by our civil engineer. Mushroom Growing Rooms Formation- We also deal in the formation of Mushroom growing rooms made up of PUF panel and insulation material. We provide complete installation of these rooms at your site. Composting Unit Formation - If you are growing Button Mushroom, we will setup your Compost tunnel made up of PUF panel, Bunker rooms in which air flow pipes and blowers are installed as well as Pre-wetting area & Turning area are involved. Installation of Machinery- After all these construction work we start the installation of your already ordered machinery at your During installation we have shown you working demo of all machinery which are installed by us. Spawn Lab Formation- If you are interested in starts your own spawn lab instead of purchasing spawn from outside then we will provide you all machinery Lab equipments and Lab Methodology to produce best quality of spawn. Canning Unit Installation- We also provide our full consultation in setup of Canning Unit and provide you full machinery and setup to run your canning unit to produce best quality of canned mushroom.